Freedom of speech

“If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter” George Washington. Freedom is a very important right, all people should have. But what exactly is the Freedom of speech?

It’s the right to say anything you want when you want to say it. It has a huge impact on your everyday life, and you use this right every day. However, we have two problems with the freedom of speech: the first problem is, that there are some countries, where you’re not allowed to say what you want. In countries like North Korea, you are not allowed to speak out your opinion, about every topic, which is a tremendous problem. The second disadvantage is, that if you’re abusing this right, in context of talking badly about someone, you are insulting this person, and by insulting I don´t mean telling somebody names, but racist comments and offending minorities badly.

However, if you are again too focused on being politically correct, you aren’t allowed to ask questions, because it’s offensive. So if you are not cautious, you will insult someone, even if that wasn’t your purpose. This is actually the biggest disadvantage: it´s too easy to abuse this right. 

Great examples of overusing this right, are universities in the U.S., where you are only allowed to voice your opinion in special areas because you might insult a minority. This is not how freedom of speech should work. However it has to work without anybody insulting anyone, we live in the 21st Century it must be taken for granted, that we are accepting homosexuals without even thinking about it, we can‘t choose who we love, but we have accept minorities, no matter which ones, we should be able to talk about things we want, without getting stared at and we shouldn‘t be fighting against each other, instead we should all be helping each other if we are able to, and most importantly we have  to respect, and accept each other, no matter whom.

We should have developed much further by now, humans are still as stupid as they were thousands of years ago. We are now able to talk, why shouldn‘t we argue, and find solutions, for problems we can‘t solve alone. By now we should have been able to lay down the weapons, and find solutions. But this will probably need another thousand years of evolution to be reality. 

Add.: As everywhere freedom of speech has exeptions too, according to my opinion. For example we shouldn’t make fun of the Holocaust, and the victims of  wars, that’s  ferocious.  Another exception (in my opinion) would be natural catastrophies, where hundreds of people died. Contrary to these exeptions, you should be allowed to make jokes about religion, if no person you are telling it, is offended by your joke. If so, you maybe should appologize, but there musn’t be a revenge (Charlie Hebdo). If you are not sure wether to tell it or not, keep it to yourself.

Especially in Austria, where I live, the people are quite calm regarding opinions, they do not share, although you shouldn´t make jokes about the holocaust(not a good idea in austria).

My school bucket list

1. Get an A(I know that´s something sad)  🙂

2 understand something in Math

3understand french

4Finally win the cross country skiing competition

5 passing school without repeating

My all stars

One of my personal favorite texts, this year was the worst case scenario. It was an amazing project we had in our class. What might be important to mention: If I say it was a great text, I mean the whole project, and of course the next parts too. Link to this exciting project:     . And the link to the other parts :  .

Another text I really enjoyed writing was “My Path”. I put a lot of effort in the story and the atmosphere of the text. Personally, I think you could say it´s my masterpiece. I hope it was not to difficult to read(I had some complains from my classmates). Here´s the link:   .

The last post I would like to highlight is “Rush” which is, obviously a film review of the oscar nominated movie. I watched the movie, at my cousins place first, but when I finished, I knew I would have to buy the movie on DVD because I thought it was unbelievebly great. So when our teacher asked us to write a film review, I knew which movie I would recommend.   Link:    .

Thank you for reading my blog.


My family

As one of my relatives is going to write a post about some kind of topic, I first want you to know my family a bit better.

I have a little sister, who is 13 years old. She is attending the same school as me. She is into sports, especially  gymnastics. Although she is only doing it for about a year, she is already really well in it.

My dad is into cycling. I think he needs it as some kind of compensation. If I am right with this avertment, he definitely needs a lot of compensation. One year ago, he managed to drive 10 000 kilometers in a year, which was a big goal for him.

My mum enjoys stand up paddling. She is practicing it with a close friend of hers. Although I am not sure, what is so difficult in paddling on a lake(do not get me wrong, I know that it can be demanding but it is not, if you are just paddling the smooth surface of a lake).

So that is my family, if you now want to know something about me, I already wrote a short introduction post on my blog.

Carpe diem

Carpe diem. A quote, explaining itself. However, lots of people do not know it means. Carpe diem means: live for today, or enjoy life.

But the reason, why I am writing this essay is an interpretation which says “We live for today and assume tomorrow will take care of itself”.

Peronally, for me, this interpretation is not true a 100%. For me, the first part is absolutely true. However the second part is not. In my opinion, Carpe diem also means you should plan for the future besides enjoying life.

Enjoying life has much more advantages than disadvantages. But I think you should not enjoy every moment, because if you do, you enjoy none. I think there is a good reason why humans have got feelings like fear or sadness. If you are not able to feel these feelings, you are not enjoying life. Now that might sound strange, but if you have not got “negative” feelings, there will be no moment, which feels unique.

To sum it up, if you try to live your life as best as you are able to, it will be fine. If you plan everything ahead, there can not be any surprises, no matter if they are good or bad. But if you are not planning ahead, there will be a lot of surprises you will not want. Just always remeber: what you are doing is effecting the next generation too. If you are spending your money without thinking about it, your children will not have the chance for a good education.

Altogether, totally living after a quote is not possible. You should have some kind of “book of rules” with some hints in it, but if you try to obey to every single hint in your “book” you will not have enough time to enjoy life.

Week 3 activity

Some time ago, I particpated ina game called: Free Rice. It´s about Hunger in the world, and how you can help to weaken this problem. In the game, you have given a meaning of a word, and four different words to choose from. One of them is the right one, and if you click on the exact one, they will spend 10 grains of rice to the world hunger foundation.

I think it´s an amazing project because you can learn english vocabulary while contributing to a world wide problem. I made the decision to play the game whenever I have time to spend.

So let´s all help to reduce problems like world wide hunger. If you have time, play the game or just donate food you would normaly throw away. Together we can defeat world hunger. So let´s stay together and spend food

The story continues

As the first Part of the “Worst Case” was my task, I had to write the Introduction.

But the story continues with my Friend Nici continued the story with, a thrilling second part, you all should check out. Just click on this link :

After Nici, it was  Pia´s task to keep the niveau Nici reached with his part. Pia´s story is also definitely worth reading, the more you read, the more you want this story to never end. Link:

The third part of our survival story was Ida´s task and she did it with bravour. A really enjoyable third part. If you want to read, the Link is here :


The second to last part was Sophie´s challenge, which she managed again with a really gripping plot. Of course I will lik you this special part of the story too:


The ending of our story was Nici´s part again, it´s some time after the events on the island  but read it on your own:


Last but not least, I can say that the whole group definitely enjoxed contriibuting to this project. It was an amazing contrast to the other homework we get in other subjects.

Googling myself

This week´s challenge made me google myself and I found some really old pics of me. In fact, I didn´t know about the existence of some.

But what mainly pops up when I google myself: awards of me when I was playing basketball or karate.

I was really astonished by those old results of my research. I think I might have to achieve some awards again to get new results when I google my name.

Cinema or DVD?

We recently had a discussion in my class, if it´s better to watch a movie on DVD or in  the cinema. Therefore, my teacher asked my to write an essay about the advantages and disadvantages.

The first advantage coming to my mind, is that the quality of movies in cinemas is mostly better because of the huge rooms. In addition to that, you don´t have a special TV which supports 3D graphics, you are simply able watch the movie in 3D.

Another advantage of watching movies in a cinema, is that you get to know lots of people who are probably fans of a specific movie, which means you can talk to them about the movie if you want to. What´s further on important, is that the atmosphere is most of the time much better because of the dark room, and the better accustics.

The only disadvantage I can think of are the costs which you have to pay when you want to watch a movie in cinema. I mean some DVD´s are expensive too but, in cinema you have to pay the ticket and the snacks, which are far more expensive in the cinema than in the supermarket.

Altogether, I would recommend goiing to the cinema to watch new movies. Do not wait until there is a DVD released. And let us be honest, we all love going to the cinema.

Studying abroad

In my class we had the discussion about studying abroad, it´s advantages and disadvantages. Personally, I have the opinion studying abroad is a great chance, everybody should use.

For me there are far more advantages than disadvantages, for example: studying abroad gives you the opportunity to get to know lots of people, who may become new friends. Also you have the chance to groove a language or the way you live (in an economic way).

But what´s really important too, you leave your family for a while. In my opinion, that´s a really important step to get an adult. Also to leave your friends will be good, because you will meet new friends who want you to be as you are, not influenced by your friends.

Another, for me very important aspect of getting out of Austria, is: especially studying is a difficult aspect in Austria because there are no elite universities in Austria that is one of the most important reasons to leave your country, if it doesn´t have any exceptionally good universities.

So I can only recommend everyone who has the chance to go to a foreign country, to use it.